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What is it?

whoplays.xyz is a website created for people who are trying to find others that are playing the same games as them. With this information, people can find people who have the same interests in games and possibly find someone to play with.

How it was created


Technology Used


The website was created with the help of the spring boot framework.
In order to search for video game names, the IGDB api has been implemented.


Bootstrap was used for the visuals.
The template engine Thymeleaf was used to display information requested by the user.


Heroku Postgres is currently used to store website information such as users profiles and user posts.


Heroku's dynos are used to deploy the website.

Website Features

User Accounts

Personal accounts tied to an email.
Users can update profile after creation.
Passwords are encrypted before stored. 

Posting to Site

Users have the ability to post the games they are playing at the moment. These Post can be viewed by all users.

Search Games

Have a video game name on the tip of your tongue? Currently visitors of the site can use a search bar to find the names of video games. Future plans include the use of this feature in the creation of user posts. 

Current Project State

After a hiatus, the project is currently being remodeled. As such, the project may not always be in a working state and changes occur frequently. However, if you are curious, Feel free to view the project with the link below!
First website load may take longer than expected because the website is hosted on Heroku's free tier of service. 

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